Friday, August 13, 2010

Rules of Facebook

I was listening to The Bert Show this week just like I do every morning. One of the segments was titled the Rules of Facebook which was made up by one of their interns. I thought that the rules were so good that I went back and listened to the segment again online here and decided to write them down for you to see as well. Here ya go...

Rule 1: Do not message anyone on Facebook after they have deleted you.

Rule 2: If someones relationship status changes for the worst do not comment on it. If they want you to know why they will tell you.

Rule 3: Parents do not post anything about problems you are having with your grown (16 +) children.

Rule 4: Couples do not post your problems on Facebook. Do not attack your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend for the entire world to see.

Rule 5: Don't be disrespectful on peoples memorial sites on Facebook.

Rule 6: Don't spill the beans on Facebook. If one of your friend has recently gotten engaged or found out they are expecting and you are one of the first to know...let them be the ones to tell it, not you!

Rule 7: Do not start an argument on Facebook that you will never win. Topics include: religion, abortion, politics, etc.

Rule 8: Don't be caddy or passive aggressive in your status whether your friends with the person or not.

Rule 9: Questions as your status unless you are a public figure are pointless. Ex.: What should I have for dinner tonight? Do one really cares!

So there ya go...those were the rules that she gave everyone. After each rule she elaborated about each rule to help you better understand what she was talking about. I thought they were all pretty good. I'm curious though...can you think of any other rules that should be made when it comes to Facebook??? If so, I wanna hear them. Comment away...

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