Friday, August 27, 2010

Is it that time already?!?!

Sooooo it is 10 year high school reunion. I really can't believe it has been that long ago since I was roaming the halls at Winder-Barrow High School. I mean are we all really that old? Are we even old enough to have a high school reunion?

It feels just like yesterday that I was racing to class before the bell rang so I wouldn't get detention for being late...again (see I've always been late). It feels like yesterday that my only concern(s) were what am I gonna do on Friday night, I wonder if he likes me, I sure hope I don't get grounded...again, and of course just wanting to "fit in" with the "popular" & older group. Oh to go back to those four years with no "real" responsibility.

When I think back to those days I am reminded of how carefree we all were. When I think about all the fun times we had it makes me smile. And many of the memories still give me a good laugh. Then, when I think about the things that we worried about, got mad about, and fought about all I can do is laugh. To know back then what we do today I believe we all would not have worried or stressed about any of it.

As far as the reunion goes, I am really excited about seeing everyone. I know it will be such a fun night for all. Facebook has been great with allowing us all to know a little about what is going on in each others lives but it will be great to actually get to "see" everyone in person. To the people who were in charge of getting everything together...a HUGE Thank You! I can't imagine everything that went into making it all happen.

Let's take a lil trip down memory lane...

9th Grade

Either 9th or 10th grade

Fun times in the hall

Rockin' the overall shorts on yearbook day!

Junior Prom...Holy Huge Hair

Powder Puff!!!

Best of shoot on the beach

Senior screwed on our transportation.

Annnnd, it was finally here...graduation day.

Hope you enjoyed our little trip. I'm looking forward to catching up and snapping recent pictures with everyone tomorrow night!