Thursday, July 29, 2010

This past year...

I have been living in Atlanta for a little over a year now. Today I was thinking about how much has changed in that one opinions on some things, what I like and don't like, things I have learned, things I have experienced, people that have come into my life & people who have gone, things that make me happy & sad, and so on and so forth. So I have decided to compile a list of some of those things...

1) I've learned how much I truly love the city but still enjoy getting away from all the hustle & bustle.

2) I've learned what it is and how it feels to be completely broke. Which isn't easy when you live in such a wonderful city w/ so much to do and so many places to go.

3) I've learned that I really do enjoy time by myself.

4) I now know what it feels like to have your home broken into & some of your most precious things stolen from you.

5) I know how angry & violated one feels after something such as that happens to them.

6) I have tried to wake-board...couldn't make it up but it is my goal to do so before the summer is out.

7) I now know what it feels like to be the minority in a group of people. And how much I could care less about it.

8) I know how it feels to have others stare at you b/c you are white and your significant other is black.

9) I know that even though I want kids very badly I'm honestly just not ready for them.

10) I know what it is like to run through the airport and make your flight 2 min. before it is to take off. Think "Home Alone" and you will know what I'm talking about.

11) I have come to the realization that no matter how much I want to be or how much I try I will never be as skinny as I was in high school.

12) I know what it feels like to be out of high school for 10 years.

13) I've learned that I really do not like panties.

14) I've learned that it really is all about "who you know".

15) You really must look out for yourself b/c most people are not concerned with anyone but their self.

16) I know what it is like to go after your dream.

17) I'm learning the older I get the easier it is to say no to the things I do not want to do.

18) I know how important it is to have friends you can always count on.

19) I am learning that I am a lot stronger than I ever thought I was.

20) No matter how much it really does bother me to be late you can always count on me being late...I think there really is something in my DNA that made me this way.

21) I'm learning that I have problems with always trusting...I usually always find myself second guessing

22) I have realized that I am a continued work in progress and I only hope to grow, change, and learn every single day for the rest of my life.

23) I have a boyfriend who knows me like the back of his hand and has no problem calling me out when I need to be called out.

24) I have realized how much I need that in my life. And how much he can bring me back down from the clouds to think of things in a more realistic way.

25) I am thankful more and more every day that I have a mother who is always there for me no matter what.

26) I have watched many special and close friends say I do to the love of their life and some welcome their first born into this world.

27) I really have no problem eating a waffle for dinner.

28) I have acquired quite a love for red wine.

29) I have accepted the fact that my life isn't on my time is it on God's time and all about His plan.

30) I've determined there is so much I want to do in my life before I die.

31) I know that there are many more things to learn in this life and I hope to never stop learning b/c if so then you stop growing.

Kids of the Summer

It has been quite a busy summer but it has been full of fun! The kids are growing up so fast and changing more and more every single day. I'm still loving every single minute of being Aunt Call. I'll just let the pics tell the story...well maybe w/ a few captions.

Maddox 15 months & cute as can be

Addison 7 1/2 years old & lover of horses

Precious even w/ his boo-boo's

She is our little artist

A day at the pool w/ my sister & the kiddos