Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ummm REALLY???

So I was in the grocery store just the other day when I came across something rather strange, well to me at least. Here take a look for yourself...

All I could think to myself was "REALLY" ice cream dog treats? I have never seen such a thing in all my life. My De-Daddy will take his beloved dog Prissy to get a ice cream at DQ every now and again but I figured that was just because she was spoiled. So have you ever seen these treats in your grocery store or have you ever given them to your dog? Personally at $3.19 or more a box for only 4 treats I believe I will stick with the regular old dog treats. Sorry Gracie and Izzy, mommy still loves you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


ok so it isn't exactly tomorrow...I know I'm several days behind. But anyway, let's finish this wedding post so we can move on!

Two weeks ago I finished out the rest of the April weddings I attended. They were both the same weekend. Friday I went to my friend Renee's wedding. Renee is a special friend that I met through Buckhead Church. She was my small group leader for about 2 years. Renee's wedding was beautiful. It was a perfect night for an outside wedding in the garden. She was glowing and Boone (the groom) couldn't have been more excited. After the ceremony the reception was held inside. They had a cocktail hour before dinner. My friend Courtney and I went to the wedding together and we ended up running into several of our old small group friends. So we were able to talk and catch up with them during the reception. It was such a fun night seeing Renee and Boone tie the knot and catching up with old friends!

That next day, Saturday, my cousin KC got married. The wedding and reception was held at the GA Club. Unfortunately the weather did not hold out for their outside wedding so it was held in the chapel on site. The ceremony was very special and touching. From the music, to the bridal party walking down the aisle, to Brittany making her appearance, and during the entire receiving of the vows I had chills. KC and Brittany could not be more perfect for one another. After the ceremony the rain held off for everyone to make it to where the reception would be held. The dinner was a sit down dinner and very nice. They also had a cocktail hour before the dinner which gave all of us time to socialize and mingle with others. B went with me so there were several more introductions and reintroductions for us. KC and Brittany chose to have a band instead of a DJ and let me just tell you they were out of this world! After dinner was over we were all ready to get into our dancing shoes. The band kicked things off and they didn't slow down. My Queen family knows just how to have a good time. It was probably the most fun I have had at wedding in a really long time. After we shut the place down it was time for KC and Brittany to get on a jet plane and fly to Maui. So we sent them off and then went home and crashed!

That weekend was fun, busy, and exhausting but I am so glad that I was able to be apart of both couple's special day. After having a lil while to relax I now feel rested. And it is a good thing too because it will all start back up again very soon. The next wedding is June 12th! Hey what can I say 2010 is the year of engagements, weddings, and babies...well for all of my friends at least. :)