Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Hikin' We Will Go

My parents just recently purchased a mountain house in Clayton, GA so a few of my girlfriends and I went up for the weekend about three weeks ago. It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. We went up on Friday evening after work. We took Friday night to get settled in and come up with a tentative plan for Saturday.

Saturday we got up pretty early. We had set it up where each person or two people would be in charge of one meal or dessert. Saturday morning was Lindsey's day for breakfast. She brought a breakfast keish. It was very yummy. After breakfast we got dressed and ready to go on our hike. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day. So we loaded up the car and set out to find Three Forks Trail. A couple of the guys I work with had told me about it and said that we should definitely check it out...so we did.

It took us about 20 min or so to get to the trail from the house. We finally arrived and found several other cars parked at the entrance to the trail. I had been warned that the trail could be a little difficult in certain places but I knew that we could do it so I didn't tell the girls what I knew. But they would soon learn from a guy that had just finished as we were about to go in what it was all about...his exact words were "It is a bi*** of a hike". There was a brief freak out moment for a few of them but we set out to conquer it anyway.

We did take a camera with us to document our little hike so come along and check it out...

After the hike we were all pretty tired. But we headed to little downtown Clayton and went in a few of the local shops. Small towns always have such interesting little stores. After rambling in the stores we finally made our way back up the mountain to the house just in time to watch the sunset. It was absolutely beautiful! Wish I had a picture to share with you but we were not quick enough to snap one. That evening we enjoyed Katie & Paige's Sante Fe Soup. It was just what we needed to replenish us after our long day. The rest of the evening was spent laughing, story telling, movie watching, and in a little friendly game of Cranium...ha! Who knew us gals could get so competitive with one another!

All in all it was such a wonderful weekend and just what each of us needed. I look forward to spending many more weekends at the mountain house with friends and family.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2009 CMA Awards

The CMA's are one of my favorite award shows. Since I was young I have loved country music. I attended many different country concerts with my friend Amanda & her family very early on and my concert going has only increased over the years. As I have gotten older I have expanded my horizons as far as different genres that I listen to and I have come to appreciate the musicians even more. Everything that goes into writing a song, producing the album, the rehearsals for a show, and just the energy it takes to get up onto the stage and perform night after night makes me appreciate what each person involved does even more. The CMA's are a perfect example of all of that combined into one night.

As I watched the awards last night I watched it in a different way than I ever have before. I sat back and really paid attention to every single aspect of the show. I thought about how awesome it would be to be able to be apart of such a huge production. I know that I have expressed in the past how music is my passion and how much I would love to be able to work in the industry at some level. I have served on the production team at Buckhead Church for the last 2 years or more and I feel that I have really found my place. I have learned so much being apart of the team. I never really thought about working production though. I always thought that I would be better suited working in an office setting for a record company in Nashville. I have found though that I really like the hands on aspect of working behind the scenes. So as I watched the awards last night and really thought about how much hard work went into prepare for just one night, one awards show I was truly blown away. If I say that I wasn't discouraged or scared that I would never be able to be good enough to be apart of something so big I would be lying.

When I signed up be a volunteer on the production team at the church I had no idea exactly what all went into producing each Sunday’s services. It is truly a production. Each Sunday an environment is made to captivate and engage each person who walks through the door. An environment that is inviting and will allow everyone to be comfortable; even if it is their first Sunday to church in a while or their first Sunday ever. A lot of hard work and dedication is put into each and every service on Sunday much like what was put into the CMA award show. Watching from a different perspective last night really got me thinking a lot about the work involved in putting on any type of show or service. It is all really quite amazing to me.

I loved that there were so many different performances at the awards last night. I thought that Zac Brown Band did an AMAZING job doing their own rendition of Devil When Down to Georgia. It is really hard to believe they were not that long ago singing in the local bars and small clubs trying to make a name for their selves. They have come a very long way and I couldn't be more excited for those GA boys!!! Carrie Underwoods's performance was very sexy and I personally thought it was great. I've read several people's comments that they did not like what she was wearing, some felt has if she was trying to sell sex (so to say), etc. Carrie is a grown woman and an incredible artist. I do not feel that her performance portrayed her as trashy at all. I also really enjoyed the Vince Gill & Daughtry performance along with the Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews performance. I love watching as artist from different genres join together on songs. Last but certainly not least I will talk about Taylor Swift's two performances. I thought that her first performance was alright. I thought that the vocals were a little off. Her second song though I thought was wonderful. I love how the crowd got to interact with her. There were several other performances by others that I enjoyed but these are the ones that really have stuck in my mind.

So that is my take on the awards show last night. What did you think about it? Have you ever watched it from a different perspective before? What were your favorite performances?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello out there to anyone who still even reads this here blog of mine. What can I say I've been busy but also have had a mental block for some time now with what to blog about. I feel as if I always give you updates and that is just boring to me. I started the blog to actually write. Maybe if I just jump back into it my juices will start flowing for me again. Who knows! I sure could use all of your suggestions...got anything you want to hear about or anything you think would make a good post? Leave me a comment. Got something you want to ask me? Leave me a comment. I'll answer your questions and use your suggestions for new material! So come on now...don't be shy...help a homegirl out! :)

And to hold you over until next time here is a lil slideshow of Halloween this yr. It was such a fun day/night.