Monday, March 30, 2009

It's finished

This past Saturday my mom and I helped my sister finish her nursery. Peyton chose not to do a theme in the nursery but she did want it to have some what of a Norman Rockwell feel to it. I believe we captured just that. Here is a slideshow... enjoy!

And just an FYI for ya...we are available for hire! Just click on my email link on the sidebar. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ok Tweets this is for you!

Have you seen the commercial for BumpIt? If not you will need to watch it here so that the story will make sense.

Okay, now that you know what BumpIt is I can continue.

Last Sunday after the service was over my friends and I were walking out of church. We were talking, making lunch plans, and cutting up as always. One of the girls turns around to us and said, "Hey, do you think that girl has a BumpIt in?" We all look up and it wasn't hard to figure out who she is talking about. This girls "bump" was absolutely perfect. We all snicker a little and then didn't think another thing about it.

Yesterday, while I was at work, I thought back to our little BumpIt conversation on Sunday and just had to laugh. I ended up wandering into Morgan's office like I always do when I need to share something, laugh, talk, etc. I asked her if she knew what a BumpIt was. She said, "Um, no". So I began to explain it to her but after I started she remembered seeing the commercial for BumpIt and I didn't need to explain any further. I told her our little story from Sunday; we laughed a little and I went back to my desk.

After a while I decided to check Twitter and I see Morgan's latest tweet which says : "@McCall7 wears a BumpIt." I laughed and then replied back with : "@morgancollins oh no mam you didn't!" We laughed some more and that was the end of it...or so I thought!

Last night I was checking my email and I noticed I had an email from Twitter. The email read: "@BumpIts is now following you on Twitter." My mouth fell open and I began to laugh hysterically. I then called Morgan to let her know thanks to her tweet, @BumpIts was now following me on Twitter. To which she replied "Shut Up" followed by hysterical laughter.

So the moral of the story is...if you want to be recognized just BUMP-IT!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Latest Project

My latest paint project were the letters that will go over Maddox's baby bed. I decided that I would paint them the same colors as the chest of drawers. But I wanted to do something else to make them stand out a little more. My mom gave me the idea of outlining them with twine. They turned out perfect! Here they are...

The sides were painted brown and the front obviously red. With the walls in the nursery being khaki I thought the red would look best up against the walls. Red is one hard color to get perfect though but I had to have it perfect. I think I ended up doing about five or six coats all together.

I really enjoyed doing the letters. My mom and I talked about how fun it would be to decorate nursery's for a living! That would seriously be an awesome job! Once Peyton gets everything hung on the walls in the nursery I will post some pics of everything. I actually painted a couple of shelves and stars that she is going to put up but I do not have pics of those. But there ya go, that's my latest little project.

Friday, March 20, 2009

If the Shoe fits...Wear It!

Since I can remember I have loved children. My love for babies began at an early age. I can remember always wanting to hold the babies, play with them, and try to play the mama role. Then, as I got older I was able to have a few different jobs working with children of all ages. It was perfect for me. I've always known that I want nothing more than to be a mama to my own children one day. The past couple of years I have felt that desire grow stronger and stronger. Which I believe without a shadow of a doubt that this desire comes from the Lord. He has given us as women that desire and motherly instinct. What a wonderful gift. And I know that I will not be able to fully understand the love, the feelings, etc. until I do have children of my own. No, I'm not gonna tell you that I am preggo and no I'm not adopting. I'm still waiting for a husband before all of that. But it doesn't mean that this desire in me is still not there. My friends and I joke all the time that our clocks are tickin'. However, until my day comes to bare my own children I have the great opportunity of loving, spoiling, teaching, and being an example to my niece Addison and soon to my nephew Maddox. I had no idea that when I was told I would be an aunt that I could ever love someone as much as this. I can not even put into words my love for Addison and Maddox.

The past six years I have had the joy of watching little bit (that's what I call A) grow into such a vibrate, loving, aggravating, caring, funny, hard-headed, precious little girl. I see so much of Peyton in her at times it takes me right back to our childhood days. Little bit loves to play dress up and often gets my clothes/shoes out and prances around the house in them. She also loves to play school. And from what my mom tells me playing school is a little different now than it was when Peyton and I played. Let me set the scene for ya...Addison is the teacher, she has her little table all set up as her desk w/ my mom's old laptop, paper, and pens. There was obviously one student who was a trouble maker and A continued to get on to him. The student had to move his clip all the way to red (this is what goes on in her actual kindergarten class). But the child did something once again and next thing my mom hears from Addison is "Alright, _____ that's it I'm emailing your mother" and then she proceeds to go to town on my mom's laptop. I about fell out in the floor when my mom told me the story.

We have A LOT in common!

Another thing that A loves to do is write and draw. And she loves to go into my room and use my notebooks to draw on. I've had to tell her several times not to use a specific one b/c my bible study notes are in it. Well, she didn't listen and when I got my notebook out to take notes I had a few nice drawings from a certain little girl. But nothing melted my heart like when I walked into my room a few weeks ago and on my desk was one of my notebooks opened to this...
I love the fact that she knows that I have two lines under my "c". Even though they aren't under the correct one just the fact that she remembers them makes me happy. Now you tell me if you walked in and found this picture wouldn't you melt as well?!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Alive

Hello, blog world! I have not paid you much attention lately. I'm sorry about that. I guess you could say my mind has been elsewhere and my life has been very busy. Between work, showers, trips, babysitting, time spent w/ family, friends & boys, working on my latest projects, etc. I have taken every single moment of down time to just relax and refocus. But I'm hoping to get back into the groove of blogging on a more regular basis. I/we have so many exciting things coming up and I need to be blogging more to keep everyone up to date!

Here are a few pics from this past month...

The pics below are from Peyton's first shower. The first is of the shower host (her BFF's) and the second is of a few girls that were at the shower (some had already left). It was a great day and great time to get to catch up w/ some of the girls. Love them all dearly.

And the pic below is just two of the many things that I bought for Maddox. I was so excited when I found them that I almost peed my pants (well not really but you get the point). His first Converse were only right coming from Aunt Call!

I don't have any updated friend pics to share with you b/c I let them take all the pics w/ their cameras. I really do not like my camera at all...the pics always come out very blurry. But if they email them to me I'll be happy to share w/ everyone. I do have pics of my latest projects but that will be a post all by itself. So just be on the lookout for that. And I do have two more pics that I can not wait to share with you but I've decided they will be their own post as well. So more to come very soon...

P.S.- Maddox will arrive in 6 wks!!!!