Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Withdrawals all ready

I'm back from the beach and having withdrawals already! We got home yesterday and it was back to the daily grind for me today. I should really be in the bed right now but I've been trying to get the vaca pics loaded to the computer. I should hopefully have some pics up soon. We had a wonderful family vacation. We made many new memories and have lots of new family jokes. I am so very thankful that God has blessed me with such a great family and that he allows us to be able to go on family vacations together. I'll write more tomorrow...I'm very sleepy but until then here is a pic from our vaca...goodnight

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Counting down the days

My family is going to the beach on Thursday. I am very ready for this vacation. We usually always go to Destin, FL and that is where we will be again this year. I love it there. The beach is beautiful...I just pray the seaweed is not bad. Since our family has grown over the years when we go on vacation a few things have changed. We have for best I can remember always stayed somewhere that had a kitchen in the room so we could eat breakfast and lunch in the room. But since the family has grown we now eat all 3 meals in the room. The Runald loves to grill out so wherever we stay must have a grill so he can grill out while we are there. It usually turns out to be pretty nice b/c we don't have to rush to get ready and get to a restaurant before the crowd gets there. Don't get me wrong there is nothing like going out for seafood while you are at the beach though....my sister, her husband, and I (yes, I'm still the 3rd wheel in the family) usually go out for dinner at least one night while we are there. Anyway, my mom has put me in charge of the menu for the trip. This normally wouldn't be a problem but I am having an awful time trying to figure it all out. I would like to be able to cook seafood two nights, steak one night, and chicken one night but when I sit down to put it all together I just can't. My brain just doesn't want to work and that is understandable considering I haven't really slept in 2 nights. But anyway, I really am excited about going to the beach and ready to get away for a little while. I just need to come up with some menu ideas...anyone have any suggestions?!?!?!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Motivation please!

I have for some reason fell into this rut about going to the gym everyday. It all started about a month or so ago when I pulled my hamstring and had to take some time off. Once I was able to go back I was still trying to take it easy and so I would only go anywhere from one to three days a week. Well the past two weeks it has come to me just skipping it all together. And let me just tell you, I can tell a huge difference. I can tell in my energy level, my mood, the way I feel, my psyche, the way I have been eating, etc. But for some reason I can not get myself motivated to take my lazy butt to the gym after work everyday. I'm usually just ready to go home, change clothes and either just lay down or take a nap. You would think that considering I am going to the beach next week that I would be all about busting tail in the gym, but no. I don't know what I am going to do to get myself motivated again but somethings gotta give...

Monday, July 14, 2008

A wee bit past exhaustion...

that is where I'm at today. I had a wonderful weekend full of fun but I am paying for it today. Saturday, me and some of my girls went to Lake Oconee to hang out with some friends. Lake Oconee is absolutely beautiful! I had never been before. We had a great time with our new friends and it was a much needed day away for me. They offered for us to stay the night since it was late and we had about a hour & a half drive ahead of us. But we could not stay because we had tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert yesterday. I didn't get home and in the bed until 1:30am. I was wiped out!

Then yesterday, we left early for the concert b/c we were going to tailgate with some friends before it started. As we were packing the car and getting ready to leave the bottom fell outta the sky and that was pretty much how it was most of the day. The rain did stop for about two hours so we got to tailgate for a little while. Then as we were standing in line to go into the concert the rain started again. And I'm not talking about just a little rain; I am talking huge, hard raindrops with a little thunder and lightening thrown in there some too. We didn't let that stop us though. We had came prepared w/ our raincoats and were ready to play in the rain!

The concert was a lot of fun. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE Kenny Chesney fan. I go to his concert every year and I am even part of his fan club...yes, I am that bad! Kenny is an amazing performer and his concerts are always full of energy. He played from about 9:30pm until about 11:30pm. He also usually always has a surprise guest come out on stage with him as well. This year it was Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. She and Kenny sang her song "Stay". Wow, that girl can sing! I did a lot of screaming while Kenny was on stage and my voice has been pretty hoarse all day because of that. But I can't not scream for my man, haha! Anyway, we took lots of pics and I will try to put some up soon.

So yes, it was a jam packed weekend but all totally worth the little sleep that I got. Did anyone else do anything fun and exciting? Was anyone else at the concert?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cowboy Take Me Away

Rodeo Cowboys

As long as I can remember I have loved cowboys. I've always said I would marry me one one day. You're probably thinking where in the world is all of this coming from. Well, Morgan found this blog the other day and I think that we both have become a bit obsessed with it. There is a section on the blog where this lady tells the story of her and her Marlboro Man as she calls him. Ladies, let me just tell you...it is magnificent! You must read the stories...she has put them into chapters. Anyway, so since I've been reading her blog I have been reminded once again why I've always loved cowboys, why I would love to marry a cowboy, and well my mind pretty much just can't stop wanderin.

I grew up in a small town here in GA my entire life. My guy friends growing up weren't exactly cowboys...more like good 'ol country boys w/ a little "red" thrown in here and there. They were great and I loved them all. But in my mind a cowboy would only do. I guess it was my love of country music at such an early age that introduced me to what I thought at the time was "the cowboy". I can remember having the biggest crush on Clay Walker. Man, he was/is beautiful! I'm sure many people might consider country music singers real cowboys and who knows some may be. But the kind of cowboy that I've always loved are the rodeo cowboys and the hardworking cowboys who live & work on a ranch. There is just something about them. They are rugged, tough, hardworking, and usually quite the gentleman.

Rodeo cowboys have always been and always will be my first love though. I have always loved rodeos. The excitement of watching the cowboys ride their horse as fast as they can to rope a calf or to get their position just right so that the bull does not buck them off gets my heart racing every time. I can remember a rodeo that my mama and daddy took my sister and I to when we were young. Oh I had so much fun! So yes it all started at a very young age. :) Two years ago I dated a rodeo cowboy for a minute. He was actually my childhood crush that never really ended. So you can only imagine the excitement for me on our first date and dates there after. It ended up not lasting very long; he was pretty content with his life as a young bachelor and wasn't looking for commitment any time soon. Sure, I was disappointed but okay with it all in the end. And my love for rodeo cowboys still remains.

So yeah, who knows, maybe it is in God's plan for me to marry a cowboy one day. I pray diligently for my future husband. I pray that he is a man of God, a family man, a great supporter, a wonderful father to our future kids, a leader, a hard worker, a challenger, a fun loving guy, and my best friend. And if God decides that he will also be a cowboy then hey, that's just the cherry on top. ;)


Yesterday was my co-worker/friend Morgans's birthday. So I decided to surprise her with some yummy cupcakes.

I had a great time making them the night before. I decided I would color the frosting all different bright neon colors...purple, pink, and lime green. Then I topped them with yummy sprinkles. I love to cook for others and I especially love to see the smile that comes to their face when they are surprised! Morgan is such a great friend. So I just had to do something special for her :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The little things...

are always the things that mean the most to me. It could be anything from my mom telling me how proud she is of me, to a sweet card from a dear friend, to laying in the bed snuggled up with a good book or movie playing listening to the rain fall. But yesterday, oh yesterday I received one of the sweetest surprises of all. When I arrived home from work Addison was still at the house. I immediately went over to the chair she was sitting in and she jumped up in my arms and gave me the biggest hug. Then she leaned back a little and looked me right in the face and said "I got you a surprise today". I said "aww, well where is it, I want to see it". She took me to my room and sitting on my desk was a vase of flowers. They were beautiful and she was very excited to give them to me. I asked her where she got them and she told me that she had picked them from the yard with LiLi (my mom). My heart melted. She is the sweetest little girl in the world and not to mention the cutest...I'm not partial at all. ;) I am so proud to be her aunt! Here's a pic of Little Bit and my beautiful flowers...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Takin it back...

Yes, I am doing this...so 1st let me go ahead and apologize to my sister and Amanda. I love you both but these are just too good not too.

Back in the day we loved to dress up, make up dances, and sing until we could sing no more. I found these pics the other day and thought you might get a kick outta 'em as much as I did. Here is a photo shoot of our Kris Kross days...

This is me and my sister, Peyton...GANGSTA This is Amanda and I
And yes, this is me, believe it or not :)

We had some amazing times back in the day w/ plenty of memories to last a lifetime!

Another reason why The Runald cracks me up...

Me, my mom, and the Runald were watching the movie The Guardian last night (love that movie). Ron always like to know who each actor or actress in a movie is, when the movie was made, etc. Sela Ward is in The Guardian but Ron couldn't remember who she was so he asked me but I had forgotten too. So he asked me to hit the info button. I did as he asked and said "her name is Sela Ward" and clicked it off real quick. He immediately comes back with "no, that's not her name". I said "yes, it is". He says "no, no, that's Ashley Dudd"! I turn and look at him and say "WHO"? He says "Ashley Dudd". Well me and my mom look at each other and bust out laughing so hard I was crying. Then the Runald starts laughing but what is so funny is that he has no clue why my mom and I were laughing in the first place. He didn't understand that her name was not "Ashley Dudd". And that's another reason why The Runald cracks me up!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

one of those days

Today was just one of those days where Satan tried everything he could to get at me. I guess I didn't realize that until tonight but as I have sat back and reflected on today that's definitely what was going on. I won't go into it all b/c we all know what kinda day I'm talking about here. :) At the end of those kind of days most people would not want to come home and cook dinner but not me. It is something that I love to do and is just one of my many escapes. So tonight I decided that I would fix one of my childhood favorites...

Yes, you guessed it...Sloppy Joe's & Curly Fries! They were both very yummy! Not very figure friendly but hey after today I said who cares. :p

Then, as I was cleaning up the kitchen I got such a great laugh at my step-dad, Ron. He is such a funny guy and he makes me laugh a lot. He was watching the Olympic trials, I think that's what it was. Well, needless to say he definitely gets into it...this was him as some guy was just about to set a world record...

I wish I would've thought to video it b/c just hearing him say "unbelievable", "that is just unbelievable", "McCall, can you believe it" would have made this so much better. The Runald is a very funny man and I sure do love him!

Well, after that I decided that it was time to spend some time w/ God. So I sprayed myself down w/ Off so that the mosquitoes didn't eat me alive and I went outside to get in The Word. What a great time it was. Being outside surrounded by all of God's creation was awesome but just simply sitting and reading and listening made everything just a little bit better...

His beauty is breathtaking and His timing is perfect. God completely blows my mind. One thing He is reminding me of right now is that He even speaks through silence. I am so excited about where God is leading me and where I am going.

So at the end of the day, I'm happy to say...Satan, you did not ruin my day and once again you did NOT win!!!!